Central Phoenix Marriage and Family Treatment

Dr. Robert Farr, Ph.D. has decades of experience in private practice in New York dealing with issues pertaining to marriage, divorce, couples, and family matters. Below, are some of the marriage and family counselling services that he provide.

Child Play Therapy and Adolescent counseling

Dr. Robert Farr provides play therapy and parent consultation for younger children. Adolescence is often a tumultuous developmental stage for most teenagers in these uncertain times. Dr. Robert Farr can help your adolescent deal with depression, self-esteem, and identity issues.

Couples/Marital Counseling

The road to falling in love and getting married is often complicated. Dr. Robert Farr has helped couples identify potentially problematic issues that need resolution, before they get married. I have helped resolve fundamental marital problems that have plagued couples , and helped couples build greater trust and intimacy.

Divorce and Family Mediation

Not all marriages can be saved. In such cases, Dr. Robert Farr can provide therapeutic services to help families cope with the difficult changes that inevitably stem from divorce.

Family Therapy

Robert Farr, Ph.D. also provides family therapy that emphasizes the specialized roles and responsibilities of family members and how they interact to form a cohesive family union. By assessing each family member's relational strengths and weaknesses, lines of communication can begin to open and opportunity for change becomes possible.


If you have been cheated on, or have cheated on your partner Dr. Robert Farr can help you cope with the emotional pain of betrayal, or help you cope with the anxiety and guilt that can result from infidelity. Couples therapy can sometimes help resolve the trauma of betrayal and revive a failing marriage.

Sexual Abuse & Trauma Treatment

One of the most devastating traumas that a person can be subjected to is sexual abuse. Dr. Robert Farr has extensive experience in helping sexually traumatized victims.