Central Phoenix Educational Issues

Robert Farr, Ph.D. has considerable experience in the diagnosis and treatment of learning and behavioral problems in both school and private practice settings in New York. Below, are some of the educational services that Dr. Robert Farr provides for his Central Phoenix clients:

Academic Problems

Not all academic problems are due to learning disabilities. Many children struggle with school due to poor organizational and study skills, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and lack of motivation. Dr. Robert Farr can help your child or adolescent resolve these academic problems and more successfully strive for achievement. Choosing the right school or educational program can be a difficult task. Dr. Robert Farr will help you decide on the right school or educational program based on your child's unique set of aptitudes, skills, and values.


Dr. Robert Farr will begin by evaluating your child to identify ADHD and ADD based symptoms. If they are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, he will then treat them via family and/or individual counselling, as well as recommending the appropriate changes in their learning environment to improve attention, and concentration.

Career Counseling

The career path a person chooses is one of the most important life choices. Many people haphazardly choose a career that they may be ill suited for. Dr. Robert Farr will help facilitate an appropriate career choice through an analysis of career options.

Learning Disabilities

If your child seems to be having trouble in school it may be due to a learning disability. Dr. Robert Farr can perform a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to evaluate if they suffer from a learning disability and offer remedial interventions.